Kris Heals Wellness

Natural organic products to help you feel your best.

Heal from Within

Our products are handmade with ethically sourced organic ingredients. Each small batch is carefully created with the intention to support healing within your mind, body and home.


Our Elderberry Gummy Kit is finally here! Each gummy is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins AB&C + tons of anti-viral properties! No extra sugars or fillers just the liquid good that is our Elderberry Elixir! Use it daily to help keep your immune system strong to fight colds, coughs + the flu. We hope you love this kit made with quality, organic ingredients!



Our organic Magnesium Body Butter is an amazing way to get your daily intake of Magnesium AND hydration. Use it daily to help soothe sore muscles, prevent migraines, get better sleep and lower your anxiety.



Elderberry Elixir

Love this Elderberry syrup!! The taste is great and knowing it's simple and pure in it's ingredients is delightful. Totally has helped my family through avoiding colds!!

Hannah N.

Magnesium Body Butter

I really noticed a difference using magnesium butter! I never knew I needed this in my life! I also rub on the bottom of my kids feet and helps them get good sleep!

Angelique S.

Magnesium Oil

My time in deep sleep tripled according to my sleep tracker since I started using the magnesium oil and body butter. I use the spray when I’m too tired to apply the lotion. They both help!

Camila W.