Elderberry Elixir Kit

Elderberry Elixir Kit

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✨Our Elderberry Elixir Kit is HERE ✨
Make our famous Elderberry Elixir in the comfort of your own home!!
All you need to do is follow the recipe added in your kit, add water and 1/2 cup - 1 cup of honey (not included). This is the perfect, affordable way to get your Elixir in! It is loaded with antioxidants, antiviral properties and Vitamins A,B+C.  

* Made with all organic ingredients
* Makes about 32 oz. of Elixir
* Sweeten to your liking, substitute honey for agave or maple syrup to make it safe for babies 6 months + (Honey/sweetener not included)
* Once made, it lasts 2-3 months in the fridge, 6 months in the freezer
* Must be kept in the refrigerator

Ingredients/ Contents

Recipe card
Organic Cotton Brew Bag