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Our Magnesium Body Butter is an amazing way to get your daily intake of Magnesium AND hydration. Use it daily to help soothe sore muscles, prevent migraines, get better sleep and lower your anxiety. 

6 fl. oz


Organic Shea Butter, Organic Mango Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Kris Heals Magnesium Oil (Distilled Water, Magnesium Chloride), Beeswax


• Apply to any areas on your body that need extra love/ in the most pain.
• Great for sore muscles, headaches/ migraines, growing pains, pregnancy pains, arthritis, anxiety + more.
• Apply to the bottom of your feet before bed for a restful nights sleep.

• Great for ages 6 months - adult.
• Use daily to see long-term benefits. 
• Store in a cool, dry place (melting is normal when product is shipped, just give it a little mix and it will solidify once it is at room temperature).
•Up to 10 month shelf life.

*This Magnesium Body Butter is unscented, but smells delicious. :) 

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Great stuff! Actually helps me fall asleep better at night

I bought this at a local market and was admittedly a little skeptical about what I was told it could do. But I put it on the bottom of my feet every night and I can honestly say I’m falling asleep better. Plus my feet feel awesome! I would absolutely buy again. My only suggestion is to create one with a little bit of a scent - just for those of us who like things that smell pretty AND get the job done. ;-)

Amy R.
United States United States

I love this body cream

This body cream is the smoothest, most hydrating cream I've tried. Will definitely purchase again!

Brittany B.
United States United States

Feels amazing!

This was exactly what I was looking for and more. The texture is so luxurious and I love the way I feel after using it. I use it for sore muscles and headaches. Works like a charm.

Linda S.
United States United States

Magnesium butter

My husband had a total knee replacement a month ago and I’m sure anyone can imagine how freaking painful that would be. His knee is now titanium prosthetic and his body has to adjust to a large foreign object in it. His muscles above the knee are what was so painful for knee. I statutes using this magnesium butter and massaging his entire leg about 5 days after surgery ( avoiding of course his incision). The relief he got was immediate. His muscles were soooo tight and hard from everything the doctors did to remove his knee and attach the new one to his bones. Like his doctor told me: “I went in there and totally moved everything out of my way and those muscles should be screaming at him”. Using the butter and massaging has actually helped cut down on the pain medication he needs daily. Also his leg never swole up like you see in pictures. It got bigger of course but not 5-6 times his normal size like I’ve seen in picture. We’re one month post surgery and his therapy and movement are above where he should be at this time. He doesn’t have muscles stiffness ( hard, really hard areas) anymore and his leg is almost normal size. Don’t get me wrong, he still hurts, needs pain meds etc but massaging and using this butter has made my life and his easier. Lol All I can say is we are grateful that we have this magnesium butter to help us get through these hard days. I also suffer from fibromyalgia and many issues in my back and my muscles cramp ( Charlie horse style) all over my body and as a defense mechanism to my pinched nerves and back issues. I use this butter to knead out the areas I can in my legs and neck and shoulders and it always works to relax the muscles and easy the pain. Thank you Kris heals for u you our body butter!

katherine F.
United States United States

Loving this product, I’ll definitely be ordering again soon.